Cenote Diving – Puerta Adventuras

During my recent trip to Play Del Carmen I did a lot of diving. I spent the second full day diving cenotes in Puerta Adventuras which are underground rivers found in Mexico. It was also the first time I took my underwater camera diving. I’m really glad I brought it along because the things I saw were absolutely spectacular. Unless you are near one of the openings the cenotes are pretty dark – fortunately I just used a dive light like I use video lights at wedding receptions. Holding a big light in one hand and a bigger camera in the other and trying to compose and photograph pictures while trying to hover in moving water is a little bit more challenging than anything I’ve encountered at a wedding reception. Did I mention this was the first time I had taken my underwater camera diving? So yes, these are my very first dive pictures:
First pictures of signs help you remember where you’ve been.

Here is the the path into the entrance we used – I was a bit surprised at just how dark of a hole we were going jump into:


I was a little startled when we surfaced mid dive in the middle of a little cove…it was amazing and dark and you cal see a little of both elements with me here:

Cenote opening:

Near another opening:

The line you see on the left hand side ropes off areas you cannot go unless you have more advanced cave diving certification. Given I’ve been diving for three months and was just playing tourist on these dives I stayed out of the area – but I can tell you the view down makes me wish we had cenotes in Seattle! You can kinds of see the reflection of the trees on the surface:

But this is what they really look like (taken after the dive)

These are the stairs you have to lug all your gear out of at the end of your dive…slippery and steep but worth the effort. Of course if you were a tourist like me you’d be with an awesome guide who would insist on carrying all the heavy stuff up for you. 😛

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