Western State Ruins – Unruined.

To be honest these were some of the saddest pictures I’ve ever taken. I loved this place for a lot of reasons and was really sad to hear it was going to be removed.

I remember that during the first portrait session I photographed here I had this overwhelming urgency to bring a bride here and make a set of photographs that would make people do a double take and think because it was so out of the ordinary. People tend to associate brides with pretty things – flowers, trees, beaches, water, etc. And I do love making pretty pictures but my artistic side is often compelled to take people and put them in places that you wouldn’t expect to fine them. I love unusual juxtapositioning – especially with brides. Fortunately I got to photograph two brides here and do a number of other fun portrait projects on this site as well so while I’m sad that I can’t go back I am happy that I did get to utilize this location while it was around.

My shadow is roughly where Oleta was in the above picture:

More favorites from this site over the last couple years:

The same tree now:

I had heard from several people over the last couple months that it was completely removed/renovated in February – and on my way home from Salem Sunday afternoon I stopped to check things out for myself. What I found was not really what I expected although I can’t say what it is I expected to find. I’m amazed at how different it looks now and how aside from a few staircases to nowhwere and a couple pieces of concrete you really would never guess that it once looked like this:

Sacha Blue

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