Taylor Swift at Key Arena

With my little sister’s college grad party a week away I thought it would be a fun time to post a few favorites from the early grad present I gave her last month – floor seats to see Taylor Swift in concert at Seattle’s Key Arena.

At 19 and 29 I think we were quite the anomaly at this concert. I didn’t know weather to feel old because I was not 12 or young because I do not yet have a 12 year old daughter. Either way we had a great time and it proved to be a fun people watching experience 🙂

It was also a great chance to test out the new point and shoot ring shot camera since the one I’ve been using at weddings for two years died the last time it snowed.

First us, surrounded by just a few others:

Taylor Swift Key Arena

And, naturally, I must love a girl who ends things in a waterfall 😛

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