Matt and Randelle

Matt and Randelle actually got married in July – a month when I was totally overwhelmed with weddings, events, and a day job I happily quit in August. As you can imagine the blog was a bit neglected…

Here are a few favorites:

Ok, I love this for a few reasons that might seem odd to a non photographer. You see this ceremony was at a church with a lot of rules for the photographer to follow. No flash. OK, no biggie, I have fast lenses. You have to stand in the balcony in the back of the church. Ok, I have long lenses. And you can’t move. Ok, not as much variety but certainly something I can work with. So I guess I love this picture because to me this is one of those situations where a professional wedding photographer is going to get the shots and someone who dropped $1000 on a digital camera and some basic lenses and is now shooting weddings is probably not. Don’t get me wrong, I know that everyone has to start somewhere, but I’ve encountered way too many brides this year that unfortunately ended up with photographs that leave a lot to be desired. You know basic tihngs like proper exposure, focusing on the people in the picture instead of the background, and of course composition.

Another view of the ceremony to give you an idea of what I was talking about:

These two were just cute:

Another picture I like simply because it is a real moment between the bride and her sister and grandfather…

Two images from a more traditional engagement session – anyone suprised they moved to Wisconsin the week after the wedding?:

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