Just Married: Brett and Ann – Kitsap Memorial State Park – Poulsbo, WA

Everything seemed to come together flawlessly for Brett and Ann’s wedding at Kitsap Memorial State Park last week. The weather was warm enough for an outdoor ceremony and dry too – something that has been a challenge all summer. As usual I’m having a hard time blogging this wedding because there are just so many pictures I love…but…here a few

The first look:

Ann and Brett first look

The very happy couple:

And of course no wedding is complete without your dog child – here is Brett and Ann with the very well behaved and friendly Oscar:

Wedding cakes are notoriously put up against a wall – but in this case it worked well because I love the texture of the wood:

A very calm Ann right before she walks down the aisle:

The dogs being walked down the aisle:

Juxtaposition is of course one of my big themes this year because I really think keeping it in mind when composing a photograph helps me create images that are dramatic and truly story telling in nature. To this end I really like my fish eye lens. It is ultra wide which allows me to put so many details of a wedding story into a single image. For example – this is during the ceremony and is basically the entire wedding in one picture…you would of course have to print it much larger than what is viable on the screen to see all of the details but you can get an idea by the small version here:



I loved how this looks like it is dancing in the wind:

It seems everyone was laughing and having a good time:

First dance:

Not sure if it shows in the blog sized photograph but they are showered with bubbles:

Dancing with her little brother (who reminds me a lot of my little brother…)

A neat twist on the wedding anniversary dance – the winners were a couple who had been married the longest were presented with a bottle of champagne for their impressive accomplishment and given a chance to dance with the bride and groom – here is the winning bride with Brett:

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