Number 8 (and a little more of number 2)

With my 30th birthday now just under 14 months away I’ve been trying to fit things on my somewhat infamous 30 by 30 list in where I can. Tonight I sit here covered in salt water from Puget Sound and blog for the 30th day in a row. If you go back to my original blog post over three years ago you will find that this is no small feat for me. Back then I wasn’t sure how long this blogging thing would last and never imagined it would develop the way it has. I love how much more connected I feel with my clients who read the blog. I love the comments, the emails asking why I haven’t posted pictures of my dog in a long time, finding out we were at the same shows, and most of all the ability for you to get to know me beyond that girl who puts people in water.

A while ago I posted a funny picture of me following my open water scuba diver class. Completing that class was a big part of number two. That class was a good intro to some of the basics of diving but, and please for give this awful pun, I felt like it really just let me get my feet wet and not really know how to dive. I had wanted to learn to dive for a long time – and being underwater seeing crabs crawl and fish swim was fun – but I wanted more. Tonight I did the other half of number two by exploring the dark world of night diving as part of my advanced open water class. I’ll be posting a full entry on that class (including more pictures) just as soon as I finish it…

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  • Sylvia Hansen - You are so lucky! Chad and I want to learn how to dive…I can’t wait to see the pictures!October 31, 2008 – 8:29 am

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