No good deed goes unpunished

I must admit I’m a little bit annoyed at how my night turned out. I’m not usually one to complain about life but the evening leaves me somewhat speechless. I try not to get too upset over things and before I had a chance to process everything I realized how insignifficant this was compared to so many other things in life…

My sister Roxie wanted to go bowling with some friends from work at a place across town for a few hours. She invited me to join them and I decided to go with her because the bowling was from 11pm – 1 am and the location was in a shady part of Tacoma. I thought it was weird that I said this as I typically am quite fearless and totally willing to drive anywhere at any hour. Maybe I’m just overprotective my newly licensed sister or perhaps I’m getting old and turning into my mother. Maybe it’s a bit of both. Whatever the reason I went and bowled with everonye and at a about 1 am an older one legged man on crutches hobbled in and asked if he could borrow my phone because he is out of gas and needs to get back to Federal Way. I guess I’m too nice, and that I felt bad, afterall my car is going into the shop next week because I ran out of gas a few days ago… He used it and I kept watching him and you know how it goes – you have a weird feeling and suddenly it’s confirmed. They guy disappears and runs away with my phone. One of my sisters male friends went to get the phone back and found the guy 10 blocks away in only a few minutes. I’m not sure how a one legged person walks so quickly – but – when asked to give the phone back the thief pulled a gun and I’m very gratful this friend was smart enough to let him keep the phone. When he came back and relayed this story to us I felt as if everything was quickly thrown into perspective. Yes, I just got that phone, and yes it was the first inanimate non camera thing I’ve fallen love with. But all material things can be replaced, I would have felt so much worse if this man had been hurt or killed and left his baby girl without a father. In fact I was holding her while hearing this story and it really hit me that yes it sucks that you try and help someone and get taken for a ride…but…the phone is insured and I’m out less than $100 which couldn’t even buy her diapers for very long – let alone replace her daddy. So rather than reading this and being cynacle can you just take a minute and tell someone in your life that you love them? If you all do that I think that my financial lost will be well spent.

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