My sister’s flying rabbit

Rabbits, much like people, were not built to fly. They don’t have wings or landing gear and given their weight of 1,755 pounds they really shouldn’t ever leave the ground without the assistance of a jack or other specialty device. This week my sister learned that all it takes to make a rabbit fly is having someone run their Honda Accord through a stop sign. The good news is that although her beloved Rabbit is totaled she was not. It’s kind of sad since she was in the middle of restoring this car and had put a good deal of money into it this summer. She’s got my car right now and I’m told it just isn’t the same 🙁

Here are a few pictures for the visually inclined blog readers. I must say they really make me stop and realize how good it is that she tried to get out his way and how much worse it almost was.

So, first, note the letters on the sign and take a moment to remember what they mean.

I was on location doing bridal portraits when this happened and she had a friend shoot these for her:

Damaged side of the car:

And this is my favorite and for once it has nothing to do with the yummy light. You see this is was brings it all home to me. I can tell that her car is facing north when she was travelling south. So, it flew and spun 180 degrees. Like an uncontrolled fair ride. And notice the grass has no marks from the car rolling through because it didn’t roll, it landed.

The part that gets me though is the kid who did this insisting he stopped at the stop sign. Yeah, right buddy – I’m sure you stopped, which is exactly why you were cited for failing to yield.

If there is any point in all of this it is to cherish every moment of your life and those around you and not to ignore stop signs.

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