Just Married: Simon and Megan – The Villa Academy and Salty’s on Alki

Spending the day with Megan and Simon was so much fun and served as another reminder of how much I love what I do and really can’t imagine any job I would rather have. I’m pretty sure if I won the lottery tomorrow I would work more, not less and hopefully spend time with couples who are just as genuine and considerate as Megan and Simon.

You know you’ve found your calling in life when you can run around working for twelve hours and end feeling more energized and awake than when you started – such was the case Saturday. I really could post a hundred pictures because there are so many that I love – however my mom always says that less is more so here are just a few of my favorites – be sure to check back on Thursday for a slideshow 🙂

Megan and Hannah talking to Simon on the phone from their suite at The Camlin Hotel:

A dress with a view:

Love texture:

She may be shy at first but she’s also adorable:

As I mentioned in my last wedding post I’m trying to show off more posed formal portraits just because I do think they are important and often get overlooked on the blog:

Shortly before the ceremony:

As a very cool surprise gift for Simon Megan hired bag pipers to play at the end of the ceremony:

I love the stories that are told at wedding toasts and in this case I may have teared up just a little 😉 because while I knew that Simon and Megan were both such amazing people and so well suited for each other the stories told displayed this point so well to everyone in the room. Fortunately there were also plenty of opportunities to laugh…

I love how kids can dance freely without a care in the world – and this girl had all the cool moves including doing the splits with ease:

Check back on Thursday for a wedding slideshow!

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