Just Married: Brandon and Joy – Evergreen Chapel and Indian Summer Golf and Country Club

There seemed to be several themes running through Brandon and Joy’s wedding day celebrations – the most notable being the presence of God and the love and support of an amazing group of family and friends. It probably goes without saying that they are truly blessed and I was honored to be chosen to capture all the little details of such an important day in their lives. Somewhere in my mind I can still hear my parents referring to some of my picture ideas as being weird but Brandon and Joy were great another couple that reminded me that these ideas are exactly why people pick me to photograph their milestones…

My favorites of the day…

I love the unplanned juxtaposition of the bridesmaid getting her hair done in front of the bridesmaid dress hanging on the wall – sometimes I just get lucky:

All day long I loved her hair:

Kids being kids:

These two involve flying Goldfish crackers:

Loved the double cell phone usage:

Joy a few moments before leaving the house for the chapel:

Waiting to see each other for the first time:

The first look:

A little closer:

A quick picture while waiting for family to arrive for formal portraits:

Speaking of family this is one of my all time favorite “family portraits”

A few minute before the ceremony:

The ceremony:

Watching Joy walk in with her dad:

Couldn’t decide what was cuter to me – the girl with the coloring book or the little boy sleeping – here they are together:


Love the swords…how you could not love them?

I love the expressions by everyone in this picture and the flying heart shaped bird seed:

Even though the day was a little chaotic I give major props to Brandon and Joy for still giving me my alone time with them after the ceremony – these are always my favorite pictures – all of these were taken at Indian Summer Golf and Country Club in Lacey :

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts my goal this year is to blog one group image with every wedding. I had quite a few to choose from but it isn’t often I get this many cute kids in one place and so I’ve opted to show something a little more casual…

Grand entrance to the reception:

Joy got a little choked up while thanking everyone for their love and support:

Naturally Brandon was there:

More in the kids being kids category:

Loved that their cake was in front of a window with a view – too often they end up against some wall in a corner…

Who said you had to be outside to get sun flair in your pictures?

A little alone time towards the end of the night:

Sacha Blue

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