Happy Birthday Lauren!

Lauren is one of my favorite people and even though she’s my cousin she looks more like my mom than I do. If I had some pictures of my mom as a teenager handy I’d post them so you could see what I mean – but the resemblance is probably more striking than my sister and me – and people have thought we were twins …

A favorite from a couple years ago:

And this leads me to remember all the crazy things my parents told me when I was younger that I’ve sinc realized are true:

My top ten would be

Respect real musicians – you know the ones that can play an instrument and write their own songs – wide range or not Mariah Carey is just a singing head

Being a wedding photographer is a great way to make a living

Don’t scowl at the camera – one day you will look back at these pictures and wish you smiled

It is not the years but the miles

Work smarter, not harder

Real friends don’t just love you on your birthday

One day you’ll tell some teenager “I remember when I was your age”

In the grand scheme of life highschool is pretty minor

Working for other poeople aka “real jobs” are entirely overrated

You will learn to love broccoli

You and your brother will become good friends

It’s not the camera it’s the lenses

Ok, so that’s twelve, sue me!


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