Happy Birthday Johnny

My brother is now 22. Which is funny, since a few months ago he mentioned buying some wine and my gut reaction was “But you’re not old enough to buy alcohol.” Ouch. Yea, he’ll always be a kid to me but at least these days he’s become someone I actually like hanging around. Since he turned 22 yesterday I will be 27 in two months. Yikes, that’s like bordering on late twenties!

We had pizza at Rock Pasta – with Buckets of course… mmm initially mine was really really sweet because they left all the alochol out – while his was more than likely a fire hazzard. I’m convinced they put all the shots in his, and it wasn’t a birthday thing since his was originally Carol’s.

A few pictures…


Johnny and Carol :

Johnny’s picture of Carol and me:

And I think he crashed right about midnight – isn’t he adorable when he’s sleeping?

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