We had a nice little family get together in honor of my grandfather’s 75th birtday. It isn’t actually until Tuesday but after 75 years what’s a couple of days?

We started out at the marina and I think it might actually have been drier in the water but I didn’t jump in to check.

This is an important piece of the first boat that he’s had since I was the only grandchild but is now going to sell. I thought that this was something I should record for historical posterity:

This is Rocky being a goof as he exit’s the boat:

And my mom’s cousin Jimmy doing the same thing as Rocky:

This is my uncle Steve and grandfather lock up the boat before we head out:

One good thing about the rain is it gave me some great natural light to work with – here is my great aunt Judy:

I saw this duck out of the corner of my eye while taking the picture of Judy – kind of neat how fast they fly:

We then left the marina and headed up to my grandfathers house for a formal turkey dinner complete with cake:

(can you imagine if we had used seventy five individual candles….)

Here is the other cake which of course was my favorite (ask anyone I’m not a big chocolate cake person and the texture of coconut doesn’t sit well in my mouth either)

And of course no birthday cake is complete without fire…

My grandfather blowing the candles out with my cousin Eric in the foreground playing with my mom’s camera phone. Eric likes technological gadgets more than even I do and reminds me of how far technology has come in a few short years. When I was a couple years younger than him I got excited to have a color monitor that I could program to draw circles on the screen. He carries around some 6000 songs and a few movies on his video Ipod and swears he listens to all of them. I just need to get out more as I don’t think I can name that many songs… anyhow…

Speaking of Eric I took this from the other end of the conglomerate of dinner tables. I’d never use this pose and it was shot totally live although I’m sure you won’t believe me 🙂

My grandfather and his wife Elaine. Elaine made the wonderful dinner for the masses that we all enjoyed:

Here is a picture of my mom during dinner…

This is just a random moment of my uncle Russell and aunt Linnea. (Russel’s sister in law) This is shot live and more my style.

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