Good things happen to good people

As it turns out Asurian is out of stock of my phone and had to upgrade me to the one that I had really wanted when I bought this one. At the time (about a month ago) the phone they are sending me was going for about $250 for the phone, blue tooth headset, and car charger with a two year contract and although it seemed really neat I couldn’t justify the expense. I found my phone on sale the day after Thanksgiving for $70 and that came with a blue tooth headset so it seemed like a no brainer at the time. Afterall the only thing I was missing was vcast and frankly I think the idea of watching tv on your phone a bit silly. So in a few days I’ll have the phone I wanted in the first place and I’m only out the $50 deductible and the cost of replacing my transflash card for the mp3 player within the phone.

If you are prone to letting one legged men borrow your phone to get help when their car runs out of gas you might want to make sure you have your cell phone insured. The cost to replace a phone when you are still under contract is amazing. On the other hand you could just put the $5/line into a savings account to spend whenever the time comes and not worry if it never does. For me though, ever single time I think of doing this something happens to a phone on my account and voila my faith in the cost is restored.

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