Engaged: Casey and Dan

If Casey looks a little familiar it is because this is her third time on the blog – the other two were posts from her brother’s wedding last summer. Casey and Dan remind me that the world is very small. While doing their engagement pictures in downtown Olympia I commented on how I thought it was ironic that the last time I had been there shooting was for Oleta and Ron’s engagement session last summer and I had photographed Oleta’s maternity session just before coming to see Casey and Dan. This is when Dan mentioned he had been to my website and seen Oleta’s pictures and had actually gone to high school with Oleta and Susan.

These two are such a joy to be around – they kept me laughing and indulged all of my crazy ideas…I absolutely love how they were friends for years before getting together and both knew on their first date that this was it. I love how when Dan talks about Casey and initially getting up the courage to ask her out he gets this look in his eyes that is the kind of thing you see in romantic movies. And I love how absolutely head over heels in love these two are over each other. It’s the kind of connection that makes my job so much fun!

Skipped right past the grandma pictures and went right into the fun stuff:

Downtown Olympia has such cool old buildings and allies…I really should go shoot there more often:

This shopping cart was sitting on the sidewalk just begging to be played with. I’ve secretly wanted to use a shopping cart for engagement pictures for years but usually that involves shooting in a store which is pretty much a security headache waiting to happen so I was was thrilled when they wanted to play with it:

There is also this public fountain that made for a fun set of pictures:

I’ll admit it is kind of abstract and a stretch – but do you see the heart shaped water?

I’m really looking forward to their Olympia wedding in November!

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