Bowling Banquet

My sister has been done with high school for a while now – she had three main things left to go back and participate in – her bowling team awards banquet being one of them…naturally I took a few pictures…

I have to say how much I love (grin) when someone who obviously knows little about photography gives me photography advice. Upon entering the banquet room I was warned that it was impossible to shoot without ugly shadows because the room was so dark. I gave the person a pretty basic lesson in lighting – I really was trying to help that parent get better pictures – but I think it fell on deaf ears. The irony to me is that his room had a huge window and there was plenty of light coming through – if you know how to use it. As a wedding photographer who ends up needing to get fantastic images in poorly lit conditions shooting in this room was so easy…- here are a few of my favorites – shot without flash and without ugly shadows..

This is pretty much an out take – I shot it while another person was taking their group pictures in position that did not utilize that wonderful window…still though the facial expresssions are priceless!

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