Bonfires and Amplifiers

I love fan club member concert ticket presales as you pretty much always end up in good seats. For the Brad Paisley concert last night it was a bit different in that you didn’t know where your seats were until you picked them up and you could only get the on the day of the show. No worries though, we were in the ninth row just a few seets over from center stage and a the first row from the cat walk. It was sweet. Taylor Swift started the night off I think she blew just about everybody away. I know I was impressed enough to pick up the CD at the merch counter. Signed of course. You ever see someone and just know that they are going to go very far in life? I would say that pretty much sums up this 17 year old who not only sings and plays her own music but also writes it. In her introduction they said she had written over 200 songs. Wow. I just can’t fathom that. And they’re good too. Naturally I took a few pictures….

And of course Brad Paisley:

As it turned out they were also filming a music video at the end of the show. The song itself is a halarious bit about online profiles and how you can build your myspace page up to make yourself be just as cool as you want – regardless of the fact that your short and fat and live in your mom’s basement. Jason Alexander ends up as Brad Paisley’s online alter ego and I have to say he plays it well:

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