Because a goal is a dream with a time limit…

I can no longer remember if I was in high school or college when I made my original list of “Things To Do Before I Die.” Either way it was a long time ago.

Some of these things I’ve gotten to, some I have not. Some no longer appeal to me.

Over the last several months I’ve come to realize how important it is not only to have dreams of things you are going to do “someday” but to actually take the action needed to turn those dreams into accomplishments.

To that end I decided it was time for a new list. A few of my friends have lists of “101 Things To Do In 1001 Days.” I like the concept – afterall 1001 days is a lot easier to schedule than death. But since 1001 days is some random date not quite three years into the future I decided to modify this concept a little to coincide with an approaching milestone in my life – turning 30. Here is my “30 By 30” List:

1. Learn to kayak

2. Get certified to scuba dive

3. Dive Cenotes in Mexico

4. Refine swimming strokes

5. Spend a day doing the cliche Seattle tourist activities

6. Get a passport

7. Explore the beauty of rural BC

8. Blog 30 days in a row

9. Shoot a wedding that is outside the US

10. Shoot a wedding that requires a flight

11. Photograph a sunrise

12. Dive with sea turtles in Hawaii

13. Get a new website

14. Lose 30 pounds

15. Learn to really cook

16. Have a logo made

17. Go to Vegas

18. Donate ten portrait sessions to good causes

19. Shoot at Shi Shi Beach

20. Get front row (or very close to it) tickets to a Sugarland concert

21. Have prints made of non work photographs that I love and hang them around my house

22. Volunteer at least 300 hours to causes I support

23. Second shoot with five other photographers just for fun

24. Do 50 “real” pushups

25. Go wine tasting

26. Start saving for retirement

27. Visit Eastern Washington

28. Ride a horse

29. Establish an internship program to help others explore their passion for photography

30. Fully launch Sacha Blue

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  • Robyn - Hi Chicky… I think I can help you cross off a bunch of your list… come visit me.. and you will require a passport, get to take a flight, shoot a wedding outside of US, explore rural BC, and I can be one of the five photogs you second shoot for…..amazing!! hehehehe. See you in July I hope! Still waiting on a confirmation, I will email bride today! Love you, RobynApril 17, 2008 – 5:12 am

  • Sacha Blue - Yes, it is going to be so much fun!April 18, 2008 – 12:41 pm

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