Artistic Murals and Themed Rooms

Aside from getting to spend so much of my time being artistic, another great part of being a wedding and portrait photographer is I get ot meet a lot of super fun and often artistically inclined people. Surely a big reason this happens is that I am not into cookie cutter and cheesy pictures and the people who hire me are looking for images of real moments captured by a photographer who is not intrusive or obnoxious. Sarah’s artistic side has never been a secret from me, I always new it was there but it wasn’t until recently that I actually got to see some of her work. It suddenly clicked why so many of my favorite photographs from her wedding were the ones she loved too. She paints murals and does themed rooms and I was just visiting her website and now I have to share it with you. I know a lot of you either have children or are thinking about having them in the future and much of her work would be perfect for a nursery or child’s bedroom. Anyhow here is the link to her website…

Imagine Magic Murals


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