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I’m having a hard time explaining what it is about Solomon and Natasha that I find so endearing – perhaps because the list is long. They are such a good reminder that a solid friendship is going to be a very valuable base to any marriage and that even though they are all grown up they are very comfortable being silly and having a good time. They remind me why I am so passionate about people photography and what it is about couples portraiture and wedding photography that get me so excited about my job. I’ve had this a lot this year – working with couples that have such strong faith in me they would basically do anything I suggested – and I’ve found that very refreshing. I know it probably sounds like an obvious thing to trust your wedding photographer – but really I’m finding the more people do – the more fun and vibrant images we are able to create. I don’t know if you went outside on Wednesday but it was more than a little cold and wet. But, we still trekked across town to shoot bridal party and bride and groom portraits outside at Point Defiance. It wasn’t our original plan but there is a great (covered) porch there so everyone stayed relatively dry. The thing is I’ve worked with many people in the distant past who wouldn’t have done that in good weather, let alone rain.

I think my sister took this one – I have no idea what is going on but it made me laugh out loud…

Above the alter:

Natasha and Solomon both look lost in thought right before the ceremony:

Natasha had asked me about making a slideshow for the ceremony and I’m glad I did – I’d never seen my pictures displayed so large and wow was it impressive:

The coolest videographer I’ve ever worked with:

The kiss…

One of the things that I do when I photograph weddings is consider every guest in attendance to be photo worthy. I know this might seem like an obvious thing but I’ve heard that many photographers actually only shoot a small portion of the guests in attendance – that is if they are not up and doing something interesting they won’t be in pictures. Now I will probably never get natural and candid photographs of every guest at your Seattle wedding, some poeple are always going to elude me, but I do try to photograph as many people as possible. Solomon and Natasha’s wedding was a great example of this as everyone was so friendly and eager to be photographed.

A few favorites:

I will post again when the complete wedding gallery for Solomon and Natasha is added to my website. You will need to get the password from either Solomon or Natasha.

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