2006 Pictures of The Year

As I said yesterday, 2006 was very good to me and I have big plans for 2007. Below are my 25 most favorite pictures of 2006. It was a hard choice and between all the weddings, seniors, and other portraits I could have made it a top 100 … but that would be a really really long blog post!

They are not in any special order – I love them all!

First, my sister during a bowling match – one of the things she had to quit when she graduated early…

I loved *so* many pictures of Ashley but this one with her long time boyfriend is definately one of my all time favorites:

Anna playing in the water – I just love when I can do more than pose people – especially seniors:

This picture is funny because it got the mall security to stop me – apparently it is a threat to national security to take pictures of people inside a shopping mall.

There are way too many good pictures of Chris so it was kind of me picking at random – but I do like these two and gave priority to pictures that simpy don’t look like your traditional senior portraits:

A similar dilemna with Eric’s pictures…

I still feel like this would be the perfect ad picture – all that white space to write on…stay tuned to the blog as there will definately be more Mercedes in 2007

This is one of those images that I love not only beacuse it is beautiful but because it looks on paper exactly how I envisioned it in my mind…which is easier said than done 🙂

When I started asking friends/family/clients which pictures I should be sure to display at a wedding show this was always their first pick. Interesting to me since it has nothing to do with weddings and is of a girl who is much too young to be entertaining the idea of marriage. Apparently it doesn’t matter – and it did stop many people in their tracks at the wedding show – so I guess you never know what will make a bride stop and say “Wow”

Speaking of pictures that made brides say wow at the wedding show – here is another favorite that comes up all the time – and just in case you are wondering the waterfall IS real, and no you don’t have to make out in a waterfall for me to shoot your wedding:

You don’t make out in a lake either:

See – same couple – totally dry! This one makes the top list because it was one of those pictures people kept commenting to me that they thought it looked like it belonged in a bridal magazine. Ok…cool! I have it on one of my postcards now 🙂

When I’m not working as a paid photographer I do like to volunteer some of my time and talent to the local Humane Society. One of their fundraisers this year was called Woofstock and this litttle girl was there trying to find a home for a stay dog she had taken in:

Solomon made this picture so perfect and I think it is going to be on my next order of large prints:

My sister’s yearbook photo – man have we come a long way since I was a senior in high school – no cheesy blue background here:

Another Roxanne:

Love these guys:

The bride and groom perfectly juxtaposed:

My dog last week – I know it was just posted, but I like it!

And of course we have to end everything at sunset on the beach:

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