My Golden Birthday

I celebrated my lastest birthday this week (26th if you’re curious – both in terms of the date and the age) with friends and family. We had a few obstacles but were still able to have a good time, eat some good food and spend time together in a pretty festive Seattle Center. We also saw Harry Potter on the IMAX and the most embarrassing part was dinner with Josh and Roxie at Red Robin where I turned red as a bunch of people sang to me. It was great! Later that night I had more celebrating with my parents who made me a cake and it came with baloons, presents, spirits, etc. I did have my sister take a few pics of me just so we can document that I did allow the singing in public to happen – here is my favorite goofy one of the bunch :

This one looks so much more posed than it was – really we were just being silly while we waited for dinner. I’m sure most of the people around thought we were obnoxious with an incessant camera flash but oh well… you only have a birthday once…a year…

This is Josh and Roxie – my little sister and once of my oldest and dearest friends…both pillars in my life’s inner circle. I think the last time I took a pic of them together she was 13 and had spikey hair and he had a mohawk. Boy have we all grown up fast! Or maybe we just bo back a long long time.

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