Can you keep a secret?

I don’t have a wedding this weekend and I’m excited. It sounds kind of funny to me – because I love weddings… but as I add up the number of images I have to edit and deliver I am quickly approaching the five digit mark and I’m actually excited to have an entire weekend where I am not out creating more work for myself but actually making headway in getting it all done. Oh I’ll never actually catch up and run out of things to do…I’ve decided that…but making progress always feels good. Especially in August 🙂
Between weddings and shows my next empty weekend is in November…

Here are some pictures from July that I never found time to blog…and for a nice change of pace no white dresses 🙂

I’m probably the only wedding photographer on the planet who was not shooting a wedding on 7/7/7. In true color outside the lines style I opted to take my sister to a concert instead. We’ve both seen Kenny Chesney a time or two before and I would have totally skipped it this year had it not been for the fact that also included was Sugarland…and they are the one group we never miss. Last year we opted to go to the Brooks and Dunn concert just to see Sugarland open. The funny part was that there was a promotion where the tickets were like $15 but that landed us at the very top of the Tacoma Dome. One song into the first opener security came and handed my sister tickets that allowed us to sit in the 30th row on the floor. Anyhow, I digress…here are a few pictures taken with my beloved point and shoot camera:

We both took this self portrait…amazingly how sisterly we look next to each other…

Flair makes me happy:

Obviously 4th of July:

From a trip to the coast during our little heat wave:

Rocky and Chloe … this is so old it’s almost time to replace it…

From a family get together:

Here am I with Oleta who is getting married next week 😉

And what blog post would be complete without Abby pictures? She actually turned seven on 7/7/7 and like a bad dog mother I completely forgot about until the day was over. The best part about dog children is that you can get away with celebrating their birthday a few weeks late…

Her favorite place to sleep is in a basket of clean clothes:

A trip to the dog park….

I’m sure I forgot something really obvious…but this is a good start at getting some non wedding photography posted….


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