I just can’t say enough nice things about this gorgeous girl. For starters she came all the way to Bellevue from a small town nearly three hours away and made a full day trip out of her underwater senior portrait experience. She shares my love of the water so much she started a swim team when her high school didn’t have one. I love that nothing is impossible spirit about as much as I love her sense of adventure. We spent a couple hours playing in the pool last month and here are my favorites:

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When I’m photographing portraits and weddings I generally do not want to use all the speed my camera can give me. If I do I know I’ll end up with a lot of pictures that need to be removed during editing simply because they look exactly like a half dozen others. Life certainly moves fast – but in most cases not quite that fast.

In the world of competitive swimming races are often won and lost in much less than a single second. The five images below of a swimmer swimming butterfly were taken in a single second and I love how they show how quickly the sport moves.

one second of butterfly underwater

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As promised here is round two of favorites of Alex and Kali.

First are portraits taken at Tantalus the day after their wedding. I love the lush plantlife in the park and all of the rich colors we found. It was actually a little rainy right before we started and the view from the lookout was a bit on the hazy side but still provide a stunning (and less crowded than usual) backdrop to the rest of the portraits that night.

Less than 12 hours later we met up again for a sunrise/early morning underwater “trash the dress” photo shoot at Magic Island. I think the dress might have been cleaner coming out than going in. Either way it seemed like the perfect place to end up considering Alex proposed to Kali while diving not all that far from this calm and shallow spot.

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