I work with a lot of high school seniors who are also swimmers but this session was a ballerina who wanted her senior portraits to be different than what everyone else was getting. It doesn’t get much more outside of the box than going underwater so she contacted me. This was by far my favorite image from her session:

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Yesterday I explained how the biggest challenge for this session was outdoing all of the other images I’d already taken of Lauren over the last several years. As it turned out this shoot was a great example of how favorite images often feel like children in that you love them all equally in different ways and for different reasons.

I think we succeeded in creating a set of authentic portraits that are both simply stated and stunning. This was actually a two part experience. I knew I wanted the rich warm summer light and given the moodiness of Mother Nature in the Seattle area I decided to plan half one day and half the other to improve my odds of getting the light I wanted. We started at Juanita Bay Park in Kirkland and wandered until the sun set. Well actually we shot for a good half hour after the sun set because Lauren wasn’t out of outfits or ideas and I was armed with a D700 and 50 1.4 which meant I didn’t need much light. The next evening was just as sunny and we met up at her barn for portraits in the tall grass with her horse and a sweet little visit with her dog at the end.

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Lauren can always be counted on to indulge the crazier sides of my creativity and has my been my go to girl for trying new things for years.

It seems each shoot outdoes the previous and when we started planning her senior portraits last summer I think we both knew it had to be epic.

How exactly do you top two mental hospitals, a few barns, plenty of horses, one of my very first underwater sessions, a little forest in the lake, tv photo shoot, and a few pretty portraits in less exciting places thrown in for good measure? Keeping it simple of course.

Here are some of my favorites prior to her senior portrait session:

Check back tomorrow for a recap and favorites from the senior portrait session that followed.

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