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Dramatic underwater portraits taken by Seattle based photographer Sacha Blue

The making of an underwater portrait…

A few video clips and the resulting images from an underwater portrait session last month:View full post »

A different kind of sneak peak: Underwater Swim Team Photos

As we started laying out the prints from last week’s underwater sessions of Maple Hills Swim Team it occurredView full post »

The swim boys underwater portrait

I spent the morning doing some really fun underwater swim team portraits and wanted to post one favorite pictureView full post »

Senior Portraits Underwater in Issaquah

I think so far everything I’ve blogged underwater has been of small children. They are incredibly cute butView full post »

An Underwater Portrait with Multiple Reflections

For years I’ve loved catching reflections of people standing near water in their portraits.   Now I am lovingView full post »

A bubbly reflection

Another underwater portrait I love:View full post »

Splash: Two fun portraits underwater

In both cases these girls were jumping into the water  and the photographs below document their landing:View full post »

My first underwater portrait

I’ve simply lost track of how many children I’ve photographed underwater this week but am pretty sure itView full post »