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Dramatic underwater portraits taken by Seattle based photographer Sacha Blue

Grace Under Water

Last month I posted a series of pictures taken of a swimmer swimming a stroke of butterfly in a single second.View full post »

Underwater Family Portrait

This is one of those super fun families that spends so much time in the pool I wouldn’t be surprised to findView full post »

one second of butterfly underwater

One Second Underwater

When I’m photographing portraits and weddings I generally do not want to use all the speed my camera can giveView full post »

Alex and Kali: From the Top of a Mountain to the Bottom of the Ocean

As promised here is round two of favorites of Alex and Kali. First are portraits taken at Tantalus the day afterView full post »

What’s an underwater portrait session like?

Glad you asked.  Don’t worry – you’re not alone in wondering – most people have never seenView full post »

Underwater Portraits for Dad

This underwater portrait experience started when a mom “won” a session I donated to a local elementaryView full post »

Love swimming? Diving? Water Polo? Join The Blue Crew!

Do you spend more time in the water than some people spend sleeping?  Is the pool your happy place? Are you active inView full post »

Blog Post #501 and I’ve Come Full Circle

Over the weekend I made my 500th blog post without realizing I’d reached that milestone until I logged in toView full post »

Happy Underwater Halloween

Like many of you I attended a Halloween party last night full of people dressed up in amazing Halloween costumes,View full post »