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The personal side of Sacha Blue

New website coming!

Life after black… A few months ago I was getting ready to make a new business card and decided I wanted to putView full post »

From the car window…

Not something you often see while riding shotgun:View full post »

My sister’s flying rabbit

Rabbits, much like people, were not built to fly. They don’t have wings or landing gear and given their weightView full post »

This morning’s attempted cat invasion

Normally I feel bad if my dogs bark – especially in the morning. Today however they started barking becauseView full post »

A spontaneous trip to the fair

Last week was busy (two weddings, a bridal, and that doesn’t include everyone rushing to get photographs doneView full post »


When I first saw pictures of this place I knew I’d love shooting there so it was no suprise that when I wentView full post »

Rocky and Chloe V4.0

Just a few favorites from today – the first two are definately going on the all time favoritesView full post »

Rocky and Chloe

Ok, the powers that be prevented a real session with these two for now so you’ll have to settle for a few grabView full post »