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The personal side of Sacha Blue

Unhappy mother’s day?

I love looking at pictures and trying to figure out the story behind the image. Sometimes much can be inferred fromView full post »

Travel Schedule

Mark your calendars as I will be out of the office and area from June 29-July 9. I’m not sure how muchView full post »

2008 PLU Graduation

I’m not sure if graduations are actually getting shorter and more interesting or if I am simply getting older,View full post »

One down…

Twenty nine to go 🙂 I’ve got several of the things on my 30 by 30 list in the works but finished the first oneView full post »

Look at me!

A couple weekends ago I spent a few hours with the other girl I am mentoring this quarter hanging out and wanderingView full post »

Happy Birthday Susan!

Just for fun here are two very different Susan pictures – one from her wedding in Ocean Shores and one of usView full post »

The Confectional: Sinfully Sweet and Dangerously Close to Home

One of the best parts of living on the island is that I am really close to cool places like Pike Place Market. OddlyView full post »

Never too old to swing…

I know that I would not be where I am in life without the help, support, and encouragement of others. Many years agoView full post »

Happy Birthday Heather!

I had completely forgotten about this picture I took of Heather many months ago until I succumbed to peer pressure,View full post »