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2008 In Less Than Five Minutes

This is one of those posts where I could go on and and on about all of the amazing people I got to work with thisView full post »

Just me and my pal Tabitha…

I’ve had quite a few people ask me just how close I was to this sea turtle while diving off Cozumel earlierView full post »

Cenote Diving – Puerta Adventuras

During my recent trip to Play Del Carmen I did a lot of diving. I spent the second full day diving cenotes in PuertaView full post »

Melting Icicle

I love the movement in the water droplet almost as much as I love the fact that things are finally starting toView full post »

Abby takes a snow day

It doesn’t matter how cold it gets – dogs still need to go out and play.  Lucky for me I have LutherView full post »

Tabitha – The Cozumel Sea Turtle

Yes, we named the two turtles we saw while diving in Mexico. The first one (which I shot from a distance in PuertaView full post »

Engagement Session: Melissa and Ryan

I won’t say I expected Melissa and Ryan’s engagement portrait session to be warm. It was, after all,View full post »

A safety stop is great time for a portrait

I think this could be the record for the longest I’ve ever gone without posting since I started blogging overView full post »


Just a quick reminder that I am now on vacation in Playa Del Carmen. I will have very limited access to the outsideView full post »